Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Take the time

With a sleeping beauty lying next to me, it makes it relatively difficult to put my thoughts into words on the screen before me, so my thoughts will be brief tonight.

As I lay here next to motionless, I have found myself in silent giggles as I look through some of the past photographs we have taken of the kids, and I can't help but wonder.......what the HELL happened to the time?! When did I become old enough to have a second grader, let alone a fourth child on the way. It wasn't but yesterday that I was experiencing frost bite in sub zero temperatures during the dead of winter on a swing set, all the while asking Wendy to "go with me" in the backyard of Heather Cowley's house. What felt like an eternity to muster the words out of my mouth was followed with an excited yes, a brief hug, then back to the house where we sat at opposite ends of the room. Now those were the days.... Yet here we are 16 years later with three amazing children, a fourth on the way, and incredible family and friends that we have had the opportunity to share it with along the bumpy road of our journey.

Time, once my best friend when I was excited about a license, a job, a degree, a family, has now become my worst enemy. Father time is officially more foe than friend these days. Therefore, make every second count! Enjoy every breathing moment of this thing we call life. That pain in the ass tantrum one of the kids is having, enjoy it, take a second to laugh at it, because I'm afraid it will be over far to soon, and the days of loathing it will soon be replace with countless days of reflecting on it and yearning for it.

Enjoy the 20 hugs and kisses required each night before bed, even the ones where just as you find that perfect spot in bed, you know, the one that molds perfectly to your body right before sleep sets in only to follow it up with that feeble voice from your child informing you they forgot something. That irritating, constant beckoning, until you have to rip the sheets back off and make the long walk down the hall, down the stairs, and to the left just to find out that something was the 21st kiss and hug. Revel in it, cherish it, love every waking moment of it, for tomorrow, it too will be gone.

Life has become so complex and busy that it makes it easy to miss the moments, the perfect moments that make you love those closest to you like never before. That make you realize, there is something so much more here, something so much bigger than just you and me.

My thoughts and prayers are with all my friends and family tonight. Thanks for your friendship, your kindness, your humility.

To those who have experienced unbearable heartache as of late. Although your salt silent tears have been many, your unimaginable losses have made me realize the moments, the perfect moments like never before. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

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It really is the simple things that makes us happy!

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Dad's first haircut with Mia

The first daddy daughter date at the salon... Wendy was not happy, but a memory none the less that I will never forget!

Just before we chopped 14" off
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